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Dear visitor,
thank you for stopping by,  I ´m honoured to have you here!

Music and the human voice have a very strong healing power. We are all vibration and sounds can move us to tears and uplift us in various ways.

During my many years of singing on stage, I became totally facinated by the healing effects of the voice. I started at a very young age to meditate and this also brought out the healer in me. I learned to receive wonderful and highly vibrating lightlanguages and became a soundhealer.

The first time I sang these sounds and languages , I was so moved by the loving energies and the words, it really felt like my "Home..." So I decided to share this gift, which I do over more then 20 years now.

I also create music, write songs and give healing sessions and evenings with my voice (Voice to heart).

Music is my love..my voice and songs are my gift to the world.

There are many soundfiles on my site:

The Music section provides you with an overview of the CDs I have produced so far. Here you can listen to sound samples and songs.

Please Check the Videos section where you can enjoy various clips of my music and Duo music with Mark Joggerst, as well as my individual healing songs.

If you have any questions, or wish to have a soundhelaing session,
I ll be honoured to serve you.
Stay in touch with me regarding healing sessions, new music album releases or upcoming events, you can Sign up here, Contact and I'll be happy to keep you informed!

I wish you a good time here on my Site, hope to hear from you, and sending you many blessings,

Sabine van Baaren





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