My offers

music, soundhealing..the for inner peace

Interview with Michiko Hayashi from the Emoto Peace Project

How can you become more stable, raise your vibration, stay more at peace and joyfull?

Well there are sure many ways, and one of them Iyou can find here.

I invite you to step into my world of soundhealing in lightlanguages, that are here to  to support you in many ways..

I would be happy to help you on your path!

Here are my offers to serve you on your way:

My offers:

    individual or partner sessions/ mother / child,
    wife / husband. etc. - participate online or in my healing center.
    for woman who become or are mothers carrying a baby in the womb,
    I welcome you to be guided with soundhealings throughout the 9 months and beyond. This can be very relaxing and support on many levels, for the mom and the baby in the womb and beyond.
    inspiring uplifting informations in lightfrequencies for the upcoming month.
    Via Zoom.
    I sing for you your very personal exclusive soundhealing , that you can listen to at home antime you wish.
    Group healing events where I sing inspired soundhealing from spirit source for the group- Off and Online.
    How to learn to communicate more clearly and to love your own voice.
    learn to sing from the soul - improvise - and share toning and easy mantras in a group of open minded people. Give me a sign if you wish to be part of a group.
  8. CONCERTS with my wonderful collegue Mark Joggerst
    Sing along with me the new chants I ve released on a beautifull CD,  Joyfull, healing and full of power! On CD and download.
    Check out the actual chant, prayer for the water: Water we love you
  10. CDs (Songs, Mantras, singalong,  Soundhealing u.m.)
  11. CEREMONIAL SINGING for your Wedding,  Vernissage, funeral, baptism, birthday...
  12. TRAVEL GROUP RETREATS - I invite you to join me on a trip for 7 days and 8 nights in the wonderful area ARDECHE - south of france, where we will share both nature, fresh and healthy and powerful areas, singing, meditation, circle dancing and wonderful food..
  14. SOUNDLOGO for your website

Conscious Evolution Summit 2020 from October 1oth till 20th

Dear friends,
I am very pleased to invite you to the "Conscious Evolution Summit".Puria explores together with more than 40 experts what supports us individually and collectively in the evolution into our full spiritual and human potential.Gary Zukav, Patricia Albere, Dr. Jude Currivan, Elisabet Sahtouris Ph.D. Peter Merry Ph.D., Dr. Mariana Bozesan, Niki Gratrix, Carl Johan Calleman Ph.D., Annette Kaiser, A.H. Almaas, Carolyn Anderson, Karharine Roske and many more share their wisdom and presence in 30 online-interviews. Come and sit in their powerful transmission! All videos are available to watch in the comfort of your home. Here is the registration:

My offers

As a singer and healer I am here to support you on your path.
Do you feel unworthy?
Do you think you are not good enough?
Do you feel a lot of anxiety? Did you lose the fun for life?
Are you suffering from pain, physical disturbances?

I know what you are going through, I have had many of this symptoms myself and I ve work on many topics, and found a way that works!

You are welcome to try a new way, to receive soundhealings that will support you to become clear and in love with yourself and your life again!

I invite you to open up to the sound-vibrations I receive for you. I`ll be your guide and help you to let your beautiful „system“ release whatever it wants to release and to receive the light coming from the sounds and words and vibrations that are offered here from source.
This sounds and words dont have to be translated or understood, for the soul / spirit knows.  They are bringing that in alingment what is out of „tune“...

Dive into the loving, motherly, peaceful melodies and words. Be open to it, allowing, feel it in your heart, these angelic and archaic sounds, and let yourself be cuddled and supported on all levels.

This is my gift for you, for the world,
with open heart, to serve you and the awakening of mankind.

Looking forward to get in touch with you soon,
Sabine van Baaren

Order your personal sessions with soundhealings:

It`s so amazing what happens when you hear and receive a session with frequencies of lightcodes.
On all levels it can bring you support and uplifting vibrations that help you remember and create who you truly are!

I ve done this work now over 20 years and I m still so thankfull and happy for this incredible and loving vibrations that come through me.

It is so comforting, expanding, and moving.
One can feel them in all bodies, the physical, the emotional, the mental, the spiritual and off coarse the lightbody!

This Soundhealings are exquisit and amazing tools for transformation that has no limitations, it can transform and inspire on all levels!

Book your soundhealing Session in Lightcodes here, and give yourself a gift, that will bring you love and confidence!

We can work via Zoom, Skype, or Phone.

I ll be happy to serve you too!


The time we need depends on the topics you bring.
Send me a Mail when you are available,
then we will find a time where it fits for both of us.

You can order your session and pay per Paypal in advance.