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releases virus s , clearing fear, stress.

Interview with the wonderful Michiko Hayashi from the Emoto Peace Project

Water Celebration with special Guest in World Unity Week 2021

Water we love you

Lightcodes from the ancestors collectiv consciousness Mai 2019

Soundhealing : Lemuria

Healing Lightcodes in Lightlanguages

Be at peace

Interview with Ernie Meyer

Dear friends, herewith the recording of the launch of the first webinar in the series of Tipping Point Conversations - Music for Social Change initiated by Anneloes Smitsman.


If you can support this beautiful work through a donation, please know that this makes all the difference right now, and helps us to continue developing the Music for Social Change Challenge with Purdue University, so that it can be free for everyone to participate anywhere in the world. Many thanks in advance! ???

I Am

Soundhealing- soundfile


Short cuts from my double CD VISIONS AND DREAMS