Duo Joggerst & van Baaren

When 2 souls meet and make music...

Mark Joggerst & Sabine van Baaren

Mark Joggerst and I met on a studiorecording, for a research project on the effects of music on patients.  The joy was so strong that we immedialety decided to create a duo.

Since then we`ve recorded  and released 4 CDs and we play the songs live.

"Sabine entered the room with a chant that came from somewhere deep within her soul. Could it be Hebraic or the echoes from an ancient Mayan civilization? "
"This soul sister sings music for the soul. Seriously. She is a healer, a songwriter and has the voice of an angel. Her harmonies are consistent and clean and light and inspiring and make you believe that the world really is a good place. "

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Do you have a nice living room, and has it always been your wish to share a nice and special event with your friends and neighbours? Maybe you even have a piano or a grand piano in your home? Do you have enough space and chairs for them to sit?

Then feel free to get in contact with us, we will be happy to find and meet you in your home with our music!