this is a new offer, where we sing togehter the new chants of my CD. I guide you through the parts we sing together. We also do a water ritual on the WATER WE LOVE YOU chant and a easy circel dance on the Chant LOVE.


You can join me in workshops where I guide you to open yourself to the joy of singing, and improvisation. In a group of nice people we share the space and play with our voices, interact, exchange, etc.

Stimme dich ein

This seminar is more intensiv work, where we learn to get in touch with our soulvoice, and create soundhealing. We learn what is important, and get the chance to exchange and trie out and the focus is on healing with sounds.

Day retreats:

we meet in a small group, in a nice surrounding, and share a day in nature, riverside or what fist best to the wheather, and we sing, dance, feel and breathe in, and exchange what is going on in our lives..

week retreats:

6 days in the amazin area of the ardeche - in the south of france, where we share sun, nature, powerful landscapes,

we cook together, sing, dance, pray and have fun..  next one is april 2019!