Unify your body, soul, spirit through Sound Healing


What does it mean to you to receive your very own soundhealing?

I sing for you the most precious vocals, in Lightlanguages, that come directly from source, guided by my spirit, full of wonderful energies, healing vibrations, tender, loving, strong and powerful, to inspire you, to help you relax, to give you blessings healing and love..

These sounds come out of the moment, as a blessing,  it is unique language, that make many people feel "at home" again.  I dont speak or understand the words that I m singing and speaking, it is so to say "speaking and singing in tongues."

You are invited to open your heart and allow your soul to recieve the informations that are supporting you on your path. Your soul and heart will know and remember.

You can eather come to me, or join me online, or order a CD.

I will be happy and honoured to serve you!


Feel free to get in contact with me.