Voice to Heart - healing events in groups

Unify your body, soul, spirit through Sound Healing , every event is unique!

Sitting in a circle with like minded people, I always sing out of the moment.
What will be given to me for the group, and at the same time each person gets their individual sounds.
We are all sitting in this high frequency inspired by spirit source.
The higher realms open up, we get connected to very high dimensions, so the lightfrequencies can flow, and we easliy get in contact with our true nature.

I will be highly inspired and sing and speak in Lightlanguages, that come directly from my spirit source, full of wonderful energies, to inspire you, to help you relax, and to give you blessings and love.

if you are too far away, you can join me on skype.

If you want to invite me in your town, and organise an event, I will be happy to hear from you!
Feel free to get in contact with me.
I will be honored to serve you and sing your very special sounds on CD.

You find all my actual dates here hier

Interested that i come to your country / town? Wonderful, just write me  kontakt so we can organise something together.