My voice is my gift,
with which I may help people to more well-being.
Physical and emotional blockages can be resolved.

Music & Sound are the stardust of our universe.
Let yourself be transported to uplifting spheres
where you can find what your heart longs for.

The timbres of my music can carry you to worlds
where everything is at peace.
Listen to the starry sounds and dive into my world
full of harmony, visions and dreams.

Here miracles are possible.
Love is all it needs!



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I welcome you to my world of music and healing.

My voice has healing energies, I was told:

Since i was a little girl, I always sang.. coming from a family of music in the netherlands, raised in a a house full of music,  I improvised on every song I heard. My father was a producer. He invited me to sing at the age of 8 for famous artists in my homecountry. 

In 1983 I moved to germany where I started my musical career. I sang on many stages in europe with a variety of intersting artist. I had my own projects, wrote my songs and recorded them on my solo CDs.

At the same time, I was already very atracted to all the spiritual Topics.
I read many books about it, I took lessons in healing with hands, learned Meditations, Jin Shin Jiutsi, followed a spiritual School Arica, and many people, healer and friends guided me.

This all together finally brought me to my actual Gift:

Combining my voice with healing energies as a channel.

When you hear my voice and the lightlanguages that I speak and sing, you are carried into higher dimensions, the higher realms, where you can receive informations and healing energies. The contact with the soul can become clearer and many healing energies can be received, there where it is needed,  on all levels, body, mind, emotional, and spirit.

My voice is my gift and my passion, I feel very blesses by this gift, and I love to give this holy, loving and strong power for those who are willing to receive it..

I will be honoured to serve you too!

Please have a listen to a short cut of a personal recording I made for a client: