Mark and I met 2005,  and it was Music that brought us together.  After a recording session for a research project on music and theraphy, we loved it so much to play together that we spontaniously decided to create our own Duo.

We ve released 4 CDs since then, and we love to play live!

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Press review from our latest concert in apirl 2017 and about our CDs with many Thanks to Tracy Frank Meyer:

Since 2006 this musical duo with Mark Joggerst and I was born,
we create music for inner peace. Our own songs and Improvisations find a smooth mix to release stress, fears and inspire the listeners.

We play concerts and we`ve recorded and released 3 CDs.

The latest one is a double CD VISIONS AND DREAMS, the Visions CD is full of songs, with inspiring and joyfull Ideas.

The Dreams CD is pure Improvised, and mark added orchester arrangement after we recorded all the parts.

We wish you peace and harmony and inspiration with our music.

You can listen to it on our website.