Im Happy to anounce you that from now on you can be part of my online dates.
I started an online Satt-Sang-Soulhealing, which you can be part of from wherever you are.
The next one will be on 29.6.2017 at 20.00 PM europeen time. For more Information and  to submit.


upcoming concerts with my duo partner Mark Joggerst:

26.8.2017 - Erftstadt -Niederberg at the KLANGHOF (Germany)  19.o.clock

2 & 3.9.2017 - Üxheim - Beuerhof - celebration weekend of the Beuerhof. We will be playing on saturday.

28.10.2017 - Viersen - Heilernacht - this event starts at 16 till 23o.clock. we will be performing live, the exact time will be anounced soon.

23.3.2018 - we will play for the firts time with mediums Paul Brereton & Louisa Marie Sullivan CSNU. In het MARITIM HOTEL- Schitterhof - Bad Sassendorf - Salzstr. 5 - 59505 Bad sassendorf


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Interested that i come to your country/ town? wonderful, let me know, send me a mail kontakt.