Im Happy to anounce you that from now on you can be part of my online dates.
I started an online Satt-Sang-Soulhealing, which you can be part of from wherever you are.
The next one will be coming soon. If you are interested in a new offer sendme a mail, ill be glad to organise it!

upcoming concerts with my duo partner Mark Joggerst:

7.1.2018 KÖLN we will play as we do every year, our new year concert in Cologne - Hinterhofsalon- Aachenerstr. 68 - 50674 Köln - Concert starts at 17 o Clock.
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14.1.2018  RATINGEN  40882 - in Spielraum e.V.- Papiermühlenweg 74, 40882 Ratingen- Begin: 16.00-till 19 o Clock.  - Tickets: VVK:22€  AK: 25€   Tickets VVK Telefon: (+49-0 221-590 82 87)
E-Mail: or directly in the place.

We suggest you to reserve your seat to be sure.
How to get there:

23.3.2018 - we will play for the first time with mediums Paul Brereton & Louisa Marie Sullivan CSNU. In het MARITIM HOTEL- Schitterhof - Bad Sassendorf - Salzstr. 5 - 59505 Bad sassendorf


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Interested that i come to your country/ town? wonderful, let me know, send me a mail kontakt.